Lakers PA Nationals Little League PA Nationals


Have the whole family join us for our exciting Jamboree for all Port Arthur Nationals players!!  There will be bouncy castles, a dunk tank and all sorts of activities for the kids.  And don't forget!  The Thunder Bay Border Cats will be on hand to celebrate with us.  Be sure to check in with them and congratulate them on what a fine season they are having!!!


Jamboree Skills Competition results

Home to 1B Minor - Max Vantaa, 3.56 sec
Major - Kehl Wright, 3.47 sec
Home to Home Minor - Eli Gyori, 13.56 sec
Major - Kehl Wright, 12.94 sec
Throwing Accuracy
From Right Field to home Minor - Nico Grennier, 6 pts
Major - Nathaniel MacLaurin, 11pt
Farthest hit ball Major - Crue MacNeil

Thanks to all the participants and the many volunteers that made this a great day.