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What is T-Ball

T-Ball is a form of baseball that allows Younger players (4 to 6 years of age) to participate in and learn the fundamentals of the game. The basic difference between T-Ball and other forms of baseball is that in T-Ball the ball is not pitched, but rather the player hits the ball off a T-Stand. This level also encourages a greater amount of participation for the players as many conventional rules are waived. For example, all players take a turn at bat in an inning and all players on the defensive team are placed in the field instead of the standard nine. Parent coaches can be assigned to one or several positions, instructing players on the appropriate action to take. 

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What Parents Need to Know 

The Port Arthur National Little League will provide all balls, bats, bases and catchers equipment and a safe and well groomed field to play on. Will will also supply all players with a team T-Shirts and team hats

    • When purchasing your son's or daughter's first glove, parents should remember that a child playing with Dad's hand me down glove is not a good idea. Players between the ages of 4 to 10 should be outfitted with the smallest glove that can be purchased. Young children cannot handle a large glove so purchasing a well fitted glove is strongly recommended. Play It Again Sports, or Canadian Tire have a good selection of gloves and generally speaking have staff who can be very helpful in the selection process. 

So parents all that you are required to do is purchase a good pair of runners for your son/daughter and remember May can be a cool month so make sure they have a sweat shirt or jacket that will fit under their team T-Shirts

The Port Arthur National Little League will also provide all league players with a wind-up party that includes fun events that are planned by the convenor and coaches. This year, we had a jumbo gym castle, a dunk tank, and a variety of baseball related events for T-Ballers. The league also provides all players and coaches with a lunch (hot dog, burgers) and soft drinks, a persian and a bag of goodies (candy) and each player receives a GIFT!  Parents wishing to enroll their children in a safe, positive, and fun filled activity are encouraged to sign up for our baseball season in the spring of 2024.