Lakers PA Nationals Little League PA Nationals


EVERYONE including players, parents and general public are encouraged to join us for the 2023 season.

  • Please note that ANY umpire from last year must call or text Karen at 807-632-8704 to participate this year

The umpire clinic will be on:
           Time:   2:00pm-4:00pm
           Place:  Balsam pit

           Fee: $20 for new umpires

*All umpires are paid for their services, There is a $30 deposit for the umpire shirt. If shirt is returned in good condition at end of season money will be reimbursed on last pay of season.

Total due at clinic = $30 for shirt + $20 for clinic = $50 to be returned at the end of the season if conditions are met.

All players or other members of the public wishing to umpire in our league MUST attend the clinic if you've not participated before.  Former umpires who may wish to brush up on their knowledge for the season may also attend. For any additional information, please email the Umpire in Chief, Karen Little at: